Energy Sense Finance recently participated in a Sandia National Laboratories led working group on behalf of the DOE SunShot Initiative to develop a guide for communicating the financial benefits of including PV in new home construction. The “Solar Basics for Homebuilders: Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership” guide shows homebuilders how to recover the cost of a PV installation upon sale of the home by highlighting the role that appraisers and financiers play in the valuation process. The guide also showcases new developments in mortgage underwriting, including using the new PV Value® online calculator that will allow homebuilders to estimate the value that solar adds, and simplify the marketing and sale of new homes with PV.

View information about the PV Value® calculator here Or, try PV Value® for free.

View the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Resources for Homebuilders website for more information.

View Sandia National Laboratories Announcement about the new guidelines.